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5 Things I Hate About Star Trek (and 5 things I love too)

Lately I have been watching a lot of Star Trek. After watching all of The Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, andVoyager, I began going through the entire franchise, in chronological order. (Except for the movies. Darn you, Netflix, for not having them all.) Right now … Continue reading

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Things I don’t like in Star Trek

I love Star Trek. No, I LOVE Star Trek. It is an awesome show, and sitting through and watching each episode, bad ones and all, has been a fun experience over the last year and a half. (Late nights with … Continue reading

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Star Trek references… from Star Trek: Into Darkness (spoilers)

I saw Star Trek: Into Darkness this week, and while I enjoyed the movie, what I loved most were the nods to the original franchise. I read somewhere that it ripped off Star Trek II, but I don’t think the author … Continue reading

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