Things I don’t like in Star Trek

I love Star Trek. No, I LOVE Star Trek. It is an awesome show, and sitting through and watching each episode, bad ones and all, has been a fun experience over the last year and a half. (Late nights with the baby, the show has been a lifesaver.)

But, like All Good Things… (pardon the Trekkie pun) there are a few things that I cannot stand!

  1. Kes
  2. Dr. Pulaski
  3. Wesley Crusher’s boy-genius dialogue (but for the record, Wil Wheaton is awesome, even if his character suffered from poor writing and concept)
  4. Cmdr. Riker’s trombone “playing”
  5. The poor acting for Travis Mayweather and Benjamin Sisko
  6. The Prime Directive, especially Janeway’s adherence
  7. The way Riker leans his head to his left when walking
  8. Most of season one, especially Tasha Yar, Worf pre-character-development, the ugly jumpsuits
  9. Warp 10 and its inconsistent effects (even when utilizing a theory that different eras had different units of measurement)
  10. Star Trek: The Motion Picture (30 minutes of floating through space cut out, it might not be that bad of a movie)
  11. The animated series. After 10 minutes, I sampled another episode in the next season, but no. They are all terrible, in plot, animation, writing… every single aspect made me so happy that the series is not canon, so I don’t technically have to watch it to have seen every star trek episode.
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